Adding a new Customer

On the website

Select the Customers tab, and select the 'Add Customer' button.

On the App

Tap on 'Customers' from the home screen, then select 'Add New Customer'.

Minimum Requirements

When adding a new customer, the minimum required information is either a surname, or a company name.


  • If you wish to be able to email your customer, you must enter an email address for that customer.

  • To call your customer from the app with a single tap, be sure to add a phone number.

  • The "Customer Details" can be seen as the billing address, and the "Job Address" is where the work will be carried out.

  • You can also add a new customer by creating a new certificate, quote, invoice, or job sheet.

Adding a Job Address

Add a new customers job address by selecting 'Installation Address is the same as Above' on the apps, if you have entered an address for the customer.

On the Website

Select the Customers tab and select the customer that you wish to add a job address for.  Then select the green 'Add Job Address' button. 

If the job address details are the same as the customer's, select the 'Copy Customer Address' button on the lower right corner.

You can add as many Job Addresses as you need for a single customer.

On the App

 Tap on 'Job Addresses' from the home screen, then select 'Add New Job Address'.

Minimum Requirements

When adding a new job address, the minimum required information is a street name.


  • Be sure to add a service due date to trigger the system to send reminders.

  • When a service is carried out, the software will update this date automatically.

  • Appliance data is stored with the job address, rather than the customer.

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