1. Login to the website, as modifications to issued records can only be done through the web portal and not the app.

  2. Select the customer tab at the top of the page and search for the customer you created the record for.

  3. Select the customer, to open the customer details page, which you can see in the above example.

  4. Find the field you want to edit, and once you have made the change, click Save.

  5. Now you need to go to the record you wish to edit.

  6. The quickest way to do so from the customer screen is to select the history tab, and open the record.

  7. Once the record is open, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the edit button. This will add the changes you've made to the customer details to the record.

  8. Now click on the 'Approve and Email' option at the bottom right on the form and the changes will be saved. You can re-send this record to the customer with the correct details included.

Job Address

  1. This process is exactly the same as the one we used to edit the customer's address, however this time you'll need to click on the 'Job Addresses' tab at the top of the page on the website.

  2. Search for the job address you made the record for, and once you've located it, click on the job address to open it.

  3. You should see a screen similar to the screenshot provided earlier in this article, however the rectangle will be yellow instead.

  4. Once again, make any changes as necessary to the job address, click save and repeat the process of editing and re-issuing the record as described.

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