If you already have an existing database of customers and job addresses, whether it is from using a different software or from creating a local database, it is possible to import some of this data to your account on Gas Engineer Software.

You can request the template and once we send it to you, simply add your customer and job address data and we'll import it for you. Alternatively, we can format your data for you, starting from £100, depending on the complexity.

Copy your data into the spreadsheet and ensure you put the data into the correct fields. You use the first sheet to input your data, and as it is entered, it gets copied and cleaned to the second sheet. You cannot edit the second sheet, so make edits on Sheet1, and Sheet2 will automatically update.

  • You do not need to worry if you are pasting lowercase or uppercase etc, it will be formatted correctly. Lower case postcodes are automatically made uppercase. Lowercase names and places will be formatted with the first letter uppercase, and email addresses will be converted to lowercase.

  • The spreadsheet will highlight duplicates in red for the surname, company name, and the street field. Make note of these by checking the data beside these fields, and remove obvious duplicates from Sheet1.

  • Email address fields can only contain one email address.

  • The date for the reminders (the gsexpiry field) must be in the UK format of 25/10/2020You need only to enter the customer's surname, or the companyname once. The properties below this user are deemed to be job addresses of this customer. For example:

The format of these templates is exactly how the data will be on the software, so it is important to make sure the data is copied into the correct columns and to avoid any duplicate data where possible.

Once you have entered your information, sort the surnames alphabetically, and any that are duplicates will highlight in red for you. You can easily compare to see if you should be deleting one.

Once you have finished transferring your data into template, save the file and send it back to us. We'll do one last check of the data to ensure it is in the correct format before beginning the import process. This can take a while depending on the data size, so please be patient while we import the data to your account on Gas Engineer Software.

After the import process is complete, we will notify you that you can now access your customer and job address data using the software.

Note: This process can take some time as we like to make sure that the data being imported is correct. Depending on other requests for imports, this may take longer than a week to process.

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