Assign a new owner

This isn't something that is possible on the software. While reassigning the property owner may seem like a logical feature, doing so will make job history less clear.

Removing service due dates for old properties

For the original property, you'll want to remove the service due dates so that the previous owner doesn't continue to receive automated reminder emails. It is recommended that you add the due date into the job address notes for your future reference.

If you are unsure on how to do this, please see the Service and Safety Check Reminders page.

Create a new property for an existing customer

Creating a new job address for the new owner is the best way to keep the histories separate from each other. To prevent accidental selection of the older job address, change the name to let you know it's not to be used.

e.g. Original: "123 Street Name" || Revised: "OLD - 123 Street Name"

Open the current job address information, along with the appliance information and the service due date to make this process easier for yourself.

Send a reminder to the new owner

Take advantage of knowing the service due date by creating a "filler" customer with the known job address. You'll get a reminder for the address when the service is due. Simply update the customer information and you are good to go!

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