From main menu

  • Tap "New Record"
  • Tap "Domestic Record" (for our example)
  • Tap "Homeowner Gas Safety Record" (for our example)
  • Tap "New Job" (for our example)

Fill out the certificate until you get to the signature screen.

From here you'll have the option to:

  • "Save" the record (useful if you're not finished or need to do something else with your device first).
  • Return to the "Home" page of the app.
  • "Approve" the record.

Issue the record

For the example, we will approve and issue the record.

  • Tap "Approve".
  • Tap "Issue".
  • Tap "Send" to email the record and sync the device.OR
  • Tap "Home" and then "Sync Data Now" to issue the record without sending an email.



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