Follow the steps below, or follow along with our video tutorial here.

From the app's main menu

  1. Tap "New Record"

  2. Tap "Domestic Record" (for our example)

  3. Tap "Homeowner Gas Safety Record" (for our example)

  4. Tap "New Job" (for our example)

Fill out the record until you get to the signature screen.

From here you'll have the option to:

  1. "Save" the record (useful if you're not finished or need to do something else with your device first).

  2. Return to the "Home" page of the app.

  3. "Approve" the record - this will allow you to issue the record (You can go back and edit via the "existing forms and records" tab at any time)

Issue the record

For the example, we will approve and issue the record.

  1. Tap "Approve".

  2. Tap "Issue".

  3. Tap "Send" to email the record and sync the device. OR

  4. Tap "Home" and then "Sync Data Now" to issue the record without sending an email.



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