Note: If you are needing to credit a customer or debtor, you will need to create a new invoice with a negative value or adjust an existing invoice by adding a line item with a negative value.


  • Click the "Create New" tab.

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

  • Click the "Create" button under the type of form you need.
    Estimate, Quote or Invoice

  • Choose either "New Job" OR "Existing Job".

"New Job" generates a new job number and prompts you to select a customer and job address.
"Existing Job" links the new record to an existing job number.

  • Click the line under "Description"

  • Now either manually enter details, or select a template to use.

  • Fill in the details and click "Save"

  • Add any additional line items in the same way.

You can now decide to "Save" the record as a draft, or issue it, or issue and email it.

When the customer accepts the estimate/quote, you can then convert it to a quote/invoice.


  • Tap "New Estimate, Quote or Invoice"

  • Tap Invoice, Quote or Estimate.

  • Tap the "+" icon.

  • Fill in the details manually, or use a template

  • Repeat the above to add more line items.

  • Tap "Home" to save the record as a draft and return to the main menu or;

  • Tap "Approve" to issue the record and move on to the next screen.

  • After tapping "Approve", confirm that you want to finalise the record.

  • Confirm that the email details are correct and tap "Send".

Note: If you press the home button at this point, after syncing your device, the record will show as "Issued" rather than as a draft.

Converting a Estimate or Quote into an Invoice

Converting an Estimate to a Quote, or a Quote to an Invoice is easy, but cannot be reversed.

  • Find the Estimate/Quote you would like to convert and open it.

  • Click the "Convert ..." button.

  • Confirm that you are happy to convert the record.

From here, you can edit, save, or issue the record in the normal way.

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