Adding a Payment

  1. Open the "Invoices" tab.

  2. Find and open the invoice that you would like to add a payment from.

  3. Click "Add Payment", located above the invoice

  4. Fill in the details of the payment.

  5. If you wish to notify the customer that the payment has been received via email, please make sure that the "Send Payment received" box is ticked

  6. Click "Record Payment" to confirm.

A fully paid invoice will be moved into the "paid" tab.
Invoices with outstanding payments will remain where they are.

The "reconcile" tab allow you to move invoices from the "paid" tab. This is particularly useful when dealing with cheques.

Removing Payment

Payments can be removed just as easily.

  1. Find the invoice in the "Paid" tab.

  2. Click on "Remove All Payments", located above the invoice.

  3. Confirm that you would like to remove all payments

If you would then like to print the PDF, you will first need to click "Edit" and then "Approve and Print" to see the changes take effect,

On the apps

From the main menu:

  1. Tap "Existing Records & Drafts"

  2. Tap "Invoices"

  3. Tap on your chosen invoice

  4. Tap "Add Payment"

  5. Fill in the details of the payment and select "add payment" to confirm

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