Line Item templates are a quick and easy way to avoid constantly having to type out the same line items. If you aren't sure how to create and use them, please take a look at our extensive, step by step guide to creating and adding new Line Item Templates.

These guides presume you have already created your invoice. If you have not done so and need a little help, please see our guide to creating invoices here.

Creating and using new Line Item Templates via the web portal

  1. Click the dotted line under "Description". The "Line Item" pop up will appear.

  2. Click "Use Template" in the top left corner. The "Cost template" pop up shown below will appear.

  3. Give your template a title (This will not be shown on the final invoice. This is purely for ease of searching previously created line items).

  4. Enter text into "Template Wording" (This will be shown as the "Description" of the line item on the invoice).

  5. Set the Template Quantity.

  6. Set a Unit Price.

  7. Set the VAT %.

  8. Click "Save".

Clicking "Use Template" on the "Cost template" pop up and then clicking "Save" on the "Line item" pop up will add the selected template to the invoice.

Hopefully, this guide was helpful for you if you're struggling a little to get to grips with line items. They can be very helpful in saving you time and it's definitely worth trying them out if you haven't already!

If you're still having issues, or if you have any questions, please contact us! You can:

📧 Email us at

📞 Call us on 020 7129 7058

💻 Message us through the software itself

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