With an invoice open:

  1. Click the dotted line under "Description".

  2. Click "Use Template".

  3. Give your template a title (this will not be shown on the invoice).

  4. Enter text into "Template Wording" (This will be shown as the "Description" of the line item on the invoice).

  5. Set the Template Quantity.

  6. Set a Unit Price.

  7. Set the VAT %.

  8. Click "Save".

Clicking "Use Template" will add the selected template to the invoice.

On the app

When creating the invoice:

  1. Tap the "+" symbol

  2. Then "Use Template"

  3. For a new template, tap the "+ Add New Template" button


  1. For an existing template, tap the edit icon to the right

  2. Then make any changes/additions to the template and tap "Save"

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