Within the software there is no button to export outstanding invoices for just a single customer. There is however a very easy way to do this and get the data in a spreadsheet which I will explain in this article.

Firstly you are going to want to find the customer that you are looking to export the data for.

Once you have found the customer, there will be a tab that says 'outstanding invoices' that you will need to click to bring up all your outstanding invoices for that customer.

Once you can see all the outstanding invoices you will be able to click and drag your mouse to highlight all of the information. Once you have done this, right click in the highlighted are and click 'copy'

You will now need to open whatever software you use for spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or Libre Calc.

You can now select a cell within the software and right click and select 'paste'. This will put your information into separate cells to show your data clearly.

You may have some formatting issues like in the screen shot above. If you look along the top titles, the columns need to be expanded to allow for the words to not be cut to the next line.

The ######## in column A can also be resolved by expanding the column. Putting in the hashtags is Excels way of telling you that the data can no be shown in a box that small. Once you have expanded the cell, it might not be shown in date format. To change this, just right click where it says A on the column and then 'format cells'. In the 'number' tab you will see an option that says 'date'. Just select that and press OK. In a similar way you can do this for columns D, E and F and select 'currency' from the list to make them show as a currency.

Your data may also be hyperlinked (blue and underlined) like it is in the above screenshot. To resolve this you just need highlight all of the hyperlinked text, right click within the highlighted area, and click 'remove hyperlinks'. If you are not using Microsoft Excel, this option might have a different name but will perform the same function.

You may also want to remove the cell labeled as K in the example.

Once you have done these steps, your spreadsheet should look like the below:

Your data is now ready to send off to the customer or wherever you want it sent to!

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