Initial Setup

  1. Head to the "SMS Reminder Settings"

  2. Enter a phone number, for customer responses to be sent to, into the "SMS Number" box.

  3. Click the 'SMS Reminder Setup' button (this notifies us of the request).

  4. You will then receive a code to the provided mobile number.

  5. Send this code to us so that we can complete the setup.

Customise the SMS

  1. Click the "Edit Gas SMS" or the "Edit Oil SMS" button.

  2. Set "Schedule SMS to be Sent Automatically" to "Yes".

  3. Edit the text as you wish.

  4. Click "Save".

You can include variables in the message to customise the text that is being sent.

for example:
:firstname is the variable, and will include the customer's first name in the SMS.

You can adjust when the SMS will be sent, based on the number of days before the service is due.

Topping up your SMS credits

You need credits for the SMS messages to send.

  1. Below the "Edit Gas SMS" button, you can see that SMS credits are available.

  2. Click the "Buy Now" button to add more credits. 100 SMS messages can be purchased for £10 (exc. VAT).

  3. Your SMS reminders will be sent out to customers automatically and as each SMS goes out, you'll be able to see this underneath the 'SMS History' of your 'SMS Reminder Settings' page.

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