How It Works

The way the integration works between the two softwares is a one-way synchronisation. 

Any customers you create on GES will sync with Mailchimp, but changes you make on Mailchimp will not impact GES. 

✅ GES ➡ sync ➡ Mailchimp

❌ GES ⬅ sync ⬅ Mailchimp

When you create a new customer with an email address in GES, they will automatically be sent an email by Mailchimp asking them to subscribe. If they agree, they will appear in your Mailchimp account - nice and easy! 😄

Unfortunately, your existing customers will not receive this email until you edit them within GES, as is this what triggers the new sync process to happen. 

Getting Started

The following guide will walk you through the integration with Mailchimp and assumes you already have a working account with them. If you haven't created an account yet, it is advised you do this first before going ahead. Mailchimp has various paid packages, as well as a free entry-level plan that allows you to store up to 2000 customers and send 10,000 emails a month.

The integration with us is a paid add-on that you can cancel it at any time should you wish.

Subscribe to the Integration

You will first need to subscribe to the integration by heading to the Gas Engineer Subscription Details. You will need to upgrade to the Growth Plan if you are not already. The growth plan enables Integration.

Authenticate GES with Mailchimp

  1. Head to your Integration Settings on our website. (Please log into the website here)

  2. Tick the option for syncing Customers to Mailchimp.

  3. Click Save Changes.

  4. Click Authenticate.

  5. Login to Mailchimp (if not already).

  6. Click Allow to give access to GES.

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