Our integration with Bluetooth-enabled KANE and Anton Flue Gas Analysers lets you pull readings directly from your analyser to the GES app, saving you from having to copy data across by hand.

Reports are accurate and traceable, including information such as the date and time you took the readings, and they're attached automatically to your record so you always have concrete proof the work has been completed.

The integration works with KANE258 and KANE458s, Anton Sprint Pro3 and above, and Anton eVo3 (please note that the eVo3 only communicates with Android devices).

How to use your analyser with a gas record:

1. Have your Flue Gas Analyser running with Bluetooth enabled (note that older analyser models may not have Bluetooth connectivity)

2. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device

3. Start creating a Gas Safety Record

4. Under the Inspection Details for any appliance, there will be two 'Import Readings' buttons

5. Tap the button to import the data for the first set of readings. The app will automatically search and attempt to link with your Flue Gas Analyser

6. Now on the Flue Gas Analyser, transfer your readings/logs across

7. The app will ask for confirmation, tap 'OK'

If you have any issues syncing your Gas Analyser, please contact us via:

📧 Email - support@swfy.co.uk

📞 Telephone - 020 7129 7058

💻 Or simply message us through the software itself

Please note that there are currently issues with integrating Kane 458 and

Kane 457 models with the software. Our development team is currently working to resolve this issue. Please let us know if you are unable to integrate your Kane 458 or 457 gas analyser with the software so that we can update you when the issue is resolved.

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