Exporting Your Data

If you use Xero Accounting Software, you can quickly import your data from Gas Engineer Software with just a few clicks.

First of all, login to the website and go to Integration Settings.

Here you will see a Xero box with two options. Selecting these will prompt a download of your customer or invoice data in a CSV format. Save this file somewhere on your computer. This download is in the correct format to directly import to Xero. You do not even need to open it.

Importing into Xero

Once you have your CSV file from Gas Engineer Software, head over to your Xero account and head to the Business > Invoices section. You will see an import button along the top, click that.

Select Browse and select the CSV file you have exported from Gas Engineer Software - this will lead you to a final screen where it shows how many invoices/customers.

You now have all of the invoices in Xero as drafts for you to approve. You can select all to approve all of them at once, or individually.

Your customers are imported in the exact same way, but under the Contacts > Customers section of your Xero account.

If you have added a new customer with an invoice in GES, you need only import the invoices, for the customer will be imported as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will importing all of the invoices each month create duplicates?

A: No, when you import your data, Xero will identify any duplicates and only add the unique records.

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