Adding an Engineer:

You need to have a subscription for each user. You first may need to add another user to your subscription. If so, go to your Gas Engineer Software Subscription Details and tap on Add Additional Users. Add as many as needed.

Head to the User Settings on our web portal

  1. Click "Invite a User" in the top left of the screen

2. Fill in the email address, name and password, then click "Send Invite".

This will send an email to the user saying they have been invited to join the software. Please note, the email will not contain the Password you entered due to security reasons. This password will have to be sent separately by you to the User.

If you get an error message that says "EMAIL ALREADY IN USE.", please get in touch with us. You can:

📧 email us at

📞 call us on 020 7129 7058

💻 message us through the software itself

Updating an Engineer's details on the Website:

Head to the "User Settings".

  1. From here you can update your email address, the engineer's name, contact number, their password, their Gas Safe ID, Oil Registration number and their signature.

  2. If you are using a drawn signature, you will need to click the button "Click here to use the above signature". Otherwise, it will not show.

Note - you will only see the Advanced User Permissions under the signature image if you are on the Growth Plan.

Updating an engineer's details via the App:

  1. Log into the app

  2. On the Home page, select Settings

  3. Here you can edit the engineer's details, including some of the company settings (if you are the company admin)

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