How to Subscribe to Gas Engineer Software

  1. When you have decided you are ready to subscribe to Gas Engineer Software it is nice and easy to do so!

  2. All you have to do is log into your account via the website, then go Settings > Gas Engineer Software Subscription Details. From there you will see the below image and you can choose to either purchase a Sole Trader Plan, or the Growth Plan.

  3. Once you can see the below, you just have to decide which subscription you would like and then click the "Buy Now" button. You can then follow the process to purchase the software.

How to manage your subscription, payment details and view invoices

  1. Once you have subscribed to Gas Engineer Software as described above, you can log in to the website and go to Gas Engineer Software Subscription Details (it may look slightly different to the screenshot below). 

    Note: While viewing invoices, you can download them to add to your records, too.

  2. Click on "Manage subscription, Payment Details and View Invoices" and a small window will pop up. You will be able to edit the amount of licenses you have, change the plan that you are on, update payment details, view your billing history and print any invoices.

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