Option #1: ✉️ Send them a letter

It is possible to generate those helpful reminder emails as a letter for this very situation.

  • Locate and open your customers Job Address.

  • Under the details, click on the "Customer Reminder Letter" button.

  • You can then print the PDF that is shown.

  • Fold the paper, pop it in an envelope and give it a stamp.

Note: Our software isn't quite advanced enough to post this for you.

Option #2: 📱 Set up automatic SMS text reminders

If you have a contact number, the software supports the use of text messaging. These are sent automatically in the same way emails are.

There is already a whole page on how to do this. I'll just leave a link here for you.
How Do I Setup SMS Reminders?

Option #3: 📞 Give them a call

Call me old fashioned, but sometimes picking up the phone is the easiest option.

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