For a quick video explainer of how Gas and Oil Service reminders work, check out this video.

The next Service Due Date of a Gas Appliance is shown on the "Job Address" details screen.

To edit the date, simply click into the box and select the new date.

To see the next Service Due Date for Oil Appliances, click on the Oil Appliance Tab.

Issuing a new record will automatically update the service due date, where necessary.

When adding a new job address, be sure to add the service due date so that the reminders will be triggered.

The content of the reminders can be customised.

You can change any of the text, as well as how many days prior to the service that the reminder will be sent, and if you should get a copy of that email.

The Gas appliance template can be edited here or the Oil appliance template, here.

Any fields that start with an ":" will be replaced when the email is created.
For example, :duedate will be replaced by the date that the service is due by.
All of the variables are shown on the right side, along with their descriptions.

Once finished, click "Save".

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