Any emails sent via our software originate from a unique email assigned to each user.
However, your customers will see the sender appear as your company name. When they reply, they will be replying to your admin email address. These emails can be customised, too!

Customising your emails with templates is easy.

Select The Template

The templates come with a default message to help you get started. You can completely rewrite this or simply edit what is already there.

On the right side, you will see two lists.
1. The first list are variables that you can add to the email (more on this below).
2. The second list is there to explain what the adjacent variables represent.

All of this can be modified and changed before sending the email to the customer. Additionally, if the 'to' address is changed, for example, then the software will ask if you would like to update this for the customer as well.


  1. Add ":jobstreet", and the software will replace this with the street of the job address linked to this job - a full list of the available variables will be available to the right of the email template you wish to modify.

  2. Combining these variables will allow for greater customisation. "Dear :title :lastname" will be updated to "Dear Mr Smith" (assuming that was your customers name, of course!).

  3. Utilising the variables will help to make the automated emails feel more personal.

  4. When you are done, click "Save".

  5. All future emails of this type will use the new template.

  6. Repeat these steps for all the other email templates also available on the website.

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