Head to the User Settings and click on the user you wish to make changes for.

From here, you can change their email address, password, name, registration numbers, rights and even their signature.
The "Existing Password" is the logged in user's password, not the engineer's.

Click "Save".

Default User Permissions:

Invoice: (Enabled)
A user can create estimates, quotes and invoices.
Un-tick this to disable.

Calendar: (Enabled)
A user can see all calendar events for all engineers.
Un-tick this to disable.

Restricted: (Disabled)
A user can only log into the app (no web portal), can only change their own details, use the gas rate calculator, and can only see their own calendar events.
Events need to be created by an admin/office user from the web portal from the job, and assigned to the restricted user.

The user can only access jobs assigned to them via the calendar.
Tick this to enable.

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