Freeing up licenses

Removing access from a user will free up a license in your company. You can either reduce your subscription to save money, invite a new user to make use of the license or simply keep the license active in preparation for a new user.

Remove access

This option will keep the users data within your company without the need to have a license.

Removing access for a user is not currently something that can be done on your end of the software. We can make these changes for you. Simply get in touch and let us know who's access you would like to change.

Delete a user

You cannot permanently delete users via the software yourself - you must contact us in order to do so.

We can delete users for you but, this action can not be revoked. For users that have been made inactive, their details will remain on your system, but you will not be paying for them and they will not have access to the software.

If we were to delete a user, any calendar events that they were assigned will become unassigned events. Any records they have issued will remain accessible on the system, although they can not be edited.

If you would like us to delete any users, please let us know who and confirm that you are happy that this is irreversible.

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