On the apps, you can tap the 'Sync Data Now' button on the Home page. On the website, the changes will be instant.

As you continue using the software there might be times which you think you'll need to sync your device in order for the changes to appear on the website.

Doing this is completely automated on the website itself and no further action is needed. This is because the website is always online and is in constant connection with our servers.

In the case of the app, we've designed this to work both online and offline, so it works on the go when you might not have a connection on your device.

Because of this, on the app, you may want to sync the app from the home screen as soon as you reach your office or when you next have a connection on your device. This ensures that not only is your data backed up in case an incident occurs, but that your data will also be available on the website.

We've worked hard to ensure that you can also sync the device through a mobile data connection such as 3G/4G with very little impact on data caps. The data transferred is very minimal.

After syncing, you might log onto the website to take a better look at your certificates. After your device has been synced, no other steps will be needed and your data will be available from there.

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