Who owns my Data?

  • We only provide a method to store your data.

  • Whatever data you store on the system is yours and will always be yours.

  • We have no interest in any of the data you add to our system, we will never exploit your data in anyway or sell that data on to third parties or any other companies.

Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.

How is my data backed up?

We back up your data via two different methods and are able to restore your data to:

  • Any second in the last two weeks

  • Any day in the last 4 years

The backups are stored in four different physical locations, with three different providers.

How is my data secured?

We use bank level encryption, the servers (both front end and database) are protected behind a number of firewalls, isolated subnets and hardened load balancers.

The servers run on the Amazon infrastructure and within the company, access to any sensitive data and the servers is strictly limited.

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