As a sole trader making use of Gas Engineer Software, there are many different ways that you can streamline your workflows.

Here are two workflows that we would recommend - one for using only the app, and one for using the website and the app together.

Part 1 - Just the App

If you're out and about, and don't have much time to spend at the computer, this workflow may be more suited to you.

To start off with, install the Gas Engineer Software app and open the app, then enter your login details.

Tap on the "Sync Data Now" button to sync your data to the server, and then head to the "Customers" section.

From here, select the "Add New Customer" button, and enter the customer's details.

You can think of the customer's information as billing information.

Once that's done, scroll to the bottom of the page and tap "Save", then tap on "Job Addresses".

Tap "Add New Job Address".

From here, you can either copy the Customer's address - if you're working for a homeowner, you can tap the "Copy Customer Address" button at the top of the screen, or, if you're working for someone where their address is different to the site you're doing the work at, you can enter the site information here.

You can also use the Lookup Address tool.

Once that's done, tap "Save" at the bottom of the page.

You've now set up a Customer and a Job address. Now, head back to the home screen of the app - tap "Home", and then "Calendar".

Tap the "+" icon in the top right, and then enter any information for your job that you might need into the Notes field. Select the time and date for the job, and set the Activity Type and Outcome from the drop-down menus.

Then, scroll down and select the Customer that you have just created by tapping "Select Customer", and searching for their name in this list.

Tap on their name, and then tap on "Select Job Address". Much the same - tap the Job Address you've just created, and finally, tap Select Job.

Select a New or Existing job

On an Android device, for now, you will not be able to add a Job here - this will be done automatically when you create a certificate for the Job.

Once you're done here, the preparation for a Job is complete!

Head to the home screen and press Sync Data Now to ensure your information is sent to the server.

When you arrive on site, you can open the app, and from the Home screen, then tap "New Record".

Select the type of record, and then you can continue creating the certificate in line with this article.

Part 2 - App and Website

When using a mix of the website and the mobile app, your workflow will become much closer to that of a company - the only difference being that the it will be just yourself performing each role!

If you head to our article here, you can see a walkthrough of the workflow to use when using a mix of the app and the website!

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