Trialling the software

1. Before making the decision to sign up for the software, we recommend taking advantage of our 30-day, no obligation free trial.

2. You can sign up to the trial via creating an account on our website here or by downloading our app from the (App Store / Play Store).

3. If you decide after trying the free trial that the software doesn't suit you, that's no issue - if you do not choose to actively sign up to the software, the trial will simply lapse. You can subscribe to the software at any time after your trial has ended.

4. If you feel that you haven't been able to use the software to its full extent in the trial period, you can always contact us at or call us on 020 7129 7058 to request a trial extension or renewal. We review these requests on a case by case basis.

Subscribing to the software

OK, so you've completed the free trial, or decided that you'd like to subscribe during the trial. All you need do is follow these steps:

1. Log into the website here and go to your Gas Engineer Software Subscription Details via the Settings tab (If your trial has ended, you will be automatically directed to the subscription details upon logging in.)

2. There will be two options available - Sole trader or Growth plan. The page contains a comprehensive list of features for both and the pricing, so if you aren't sure which you would like, be sure to read through those before you come to a conclusion. To give a brief summary of each:

Sole Trader
This offers access to the majority of the software.
The cost for this is £15 per month (exc. VAT). This plan is single user only.

Growth Plan
This plan includes everything the Sole Trader plan does, with the addition of Advanced User Permissions and integration with Sage/QuickBooks accounting software, as well as Mailchimp.
The cost for this is £20 per month, per user (exc. VAT)

Once you've selected the subscription plan you'd like to use, select "Buy now".

3. Once you've selected "Buy now", you'll go through the checkout - first, you'll be able to review the details of your purchase, which should look something like this:

If all is correct, select "Proceed to checkout". You will be prompted to enter your billing address. You will then be given the option to either enter credit card details or set up a direct debit.

4. Finally, you will be given the opportunity to review all of the information you have entered, before finalising your subscription.

Your Gas Engineer Software Subscription Details settings

After you've subscribed, you will gain access to the Gas Engineer Software Subscription Details settings, which will allow you to adjust your subscription, so let's go through some of the functions of these settings here. Via these settings, you have the ability to:

  1. Upgrade to the Growth plan if on the Sole Trader plan, or downgrade to the Sole Trader plan if on the Growth plan.

  2. To Add or remove subscriptions, which will allow you to add or remove additional users via your User Settings, if on the Growth plan.

  3. To buy SMS credits if you have SMS reminders set up.

  4. The ability to check your account and payment information and to access any invoices generated by your subscription in a downloadable form.

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