What is the Sync Centre?

The Sync Centre is a feature on both our Android and iOS our apps, intended to help you work through any syncing errors you encounter quickly and easily. However, if you're having issues working out how to use it, here's a quick guide for you.

How to use the Sync Centre

  1. If you encounter a syncing issue, you'll be presented with an error message saying "Tap here to see the warnings".

  2. Tap the orange warning to see a list of syncing errors - in this example, we have one error, "Appliancetype must not be empty". Tap the error.

  3. Tapping the error will take you to the record which is causing the syncing error - for example, tapping the error in our example will take you to this appliance, which has an empty "Type" field. Fill in the type and any other required information, which will resolve the syncing error. Save the record as you nornally would.

  4. If there are multiple errors, repeat this process until you've cleared all errors within the sync centre.

After following these steps, your syncing error will be resolved, and you will be able to sync your app again without any issues.

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